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Disneyland's Lowchens



We are passionate breeders of VDH pedigree Lowchens.

Our goal is to breed healthy, typey dogs with character using internationally successful lines.

Using our wealth of experience gained through 50 years dog breeding experience, our puppies are lovingly raised at home in our house and garden.

Every now and again we have beautiful fit puppies available, whom we seek to place in loving and responsible homes.



Ursula Geipel
D - 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Phone: 0049 34 91 66 24 36




I'm a member of the following dog clubs:

Lwchen Little Lion Dog Petit chien lion co pequeno do leo cane piccolo dal leone pequeo perro del len liten lvehund cachorro pequeno de leo Poco perro de len kleiner Lwehund neznaten Lev pes liten lejon hund hychydig lew chi malen lav pas lvček kun lidt lve hund weinig leeuw taks poco len pieni leijona koira kicsi oroszln kutya ltill ljn hundur malen lav pas neznaten Lev pes Pequeno Perro Leon Leeuwhondje lwi piesek mal lev pes disneyland's disneylands geipel welpen puppy puppies verkauf for sale fci vk kleinhund kleinhunde zucht züchter breed breeder toy dog hunde hund pedigree papiere rasse rassehund rassehunde champion champions top pal wittenberg lutherstadt international national deutschland germany informationen